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    The 8 inch "beyond Moore" pilot line was officially opened

        By the Shanghai cooperation in the construction of micro Industrial Technology Research Institute and Fab factory 8 inch "beyond Moore" R & D and manufacturing base in Shanghai, Jiading, nearly 5000 square meters of clean room, compatible with CMOS process 8 inch development pilot line officially put into operation in September 10.
            According to reports, the pilot line focus on sensor technology development and validation, research and development of new systems, new devices, new technology, and according to the "more than Moore" products and technical characteristics of import, the configuration of the MEMS, RF, silicon, silicon photonic III-V family, 3D, MR, integrated magnetic sensing and biological power etc. related processes and measuring equipment.
        Director of the Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Xi said micro system, with more than Moore there are lots of innovative research and development rely heavily on the process line, Fab mature and had to consider the production problems, cannot undertake innovation team will be a prototype developed into mature products of the long development process. ITRI 8 inch line is hoping to get through the last mile of industrialization, the laboratory results into mass production.
        The test line capacity of 3000 pieces of 8 Inch Design R & D, function of product development, undertake small batch production, technical training, equipment validation service, the realization of "beyond Moore" products and technology from R & D to seamless production, so as to enhance the success rate of development.
        The so-called "beyond Moore" refers to, in the process of maturity, design, development, manufacturing, diversified non digital semiconductor technology and products, and strive to emerging technologies and application in the market with the sensor as the core device, get rid of to follow the "Moore's law".
        It is reported that, in order to achieve the incubation function, by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the national integrated circuit industry investment funds and other strategic investors jointly launched the 5 billion yuan "more than Moore" industry fund, on the same day signing establishment will provide early support key for the innovation enterprise, and supporting the global innovation network with the combination of hardware and software incubator service.
        Ministry of former Vice Minister Yang Xueshan will be "sensing" instead of "perception", HUAWEI VP Chuqing embrace the Internet of things, American Automobile Manufacturers Association vice president Jonathan Weinberger on the unmanned vehicle market analysis, also corroborated the huge business opportunities in emerging markets.