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    Based on professional technology, BETA CLEAN PIPE is one of the few companies that successfully produce seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes worldwide. Due to its high purity, durability and corrosion resistance, BETA CLEAN PIPE products are a key component of chemical and gas power systems and semiconductor and LCD production. In order to meet the increasing demand for high precision tube and pipe, the company to save the cost of production method and production technology has made great progress, the goal is to become a world-class technology leader in the overseas markets.

    Innovative technology

    AP/MP/BA/EP Seamless Stainless Steel Tube & Pipe

    Semi-Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe

    Laser Welding system with the best manufacturing engineer system

    The Development of high-tech tube materials such as VIM/VAR

    The Achievement of patent on seamless tube and the manufacturing technology


    Seamless Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe

    Stainless Steel Laser Welded Tube/Pipe

    Welded Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe & Cold Drawn